Is This Irony?


I have a question for the masses, which means the four or five of you that check to see if I’ve written anything lately. Feel free to email me your idea or post it in the comments.

Is it ironic for a father to tell his son he loves him directly before AND immediately after calling him a “fat, lazy a$$ed self-pitying m*****f*****?”

Just wondering if I’m using the correct term or if I’m just being overly sensitive.

Keep those feet washed, y’all.

Love each of you.

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  1. Gee, did your dad know mine? I have worked my whole life not to be like that. I’ve succeeded, mostly, but it has been hard as hell every day I have been a parent. With all due respect to Doug there is NO excuse for this. You hit the dog with the paper long enough and even if your going for the sports it will run away. You are a great guy and I’ve never met you. We all whine, well I do anyway, when times are hard. We hope the people who love us will offer comfort, security, and a leg back up. This isn’t irony it is just plain ole dog ass mean.

    I know it is tough for you but here is irony. Never met you, don’t really know you except through your blogs, and I love you. You make me smile, laugh and try to be a better person. Let me know and I’ll drive down from the north to kick his sorry ass.

  2. Would this be called “tough love?”

    This sounds pretty warped to me. I personally have never seen name-calling as being constructive. Had “I love you” bracketed some concrete, sensible suggestions, the sentiment would seem to be more authentic.

    But then there are times when we are frustrated with people we truly do care for but seem unable to help them or help them help themselves. Such frustrations are tough not to verbalize too.

    Tough call,


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