I have pet names and terms of endearment for just about everyone in my life. Not all my pet terms give an accurate indication of who this person is so I thought I’d throw this page into the mix to help sort out the players, as it were. So, in no certain order:

Mama is my mama, aka she who gave me life. She passed away March 25, 2013 and life has never been the same and likely never will be.

Budge is, of course, my beloved wife and the reason I get out of bed in the morning.

Daddy is my father.

Dad is Budge’s father or my father-in-law.

Papa can be either my paternal grandfather, Papa Wham or my maternal grandfather, Papa John. Usually I’ll denote which one I’m referring to. Sadly, both have passed away and I miss them terribly.

Granny is also a dual reference. Granny Wham, who is now deceased or Granny Hughes aka Ima, who is now my sole living grandparent passed away October 31, 2016. I now have no living grandparents and that saddens me to no end.

Pa is my beloved stepdad, Rob.

Baby Huey is my not-so-baby younger stepbrother, Travis.

The Girl Child is my buddy Laura, aka. the closest thing I have on this earth to a sister.

Sissy is my sister-in-law, Kerri Wham (nee’ Miller), Nick’s wife and the greatest addition to the family in ages.

Everyone else I normally refer to by name, such as my little brother Nick, my two first cousins Zach and Blake, their mama Aunt Cathy, Teresa my stepmother, Sandy my stepmother-in-law, and so on. They’ll all show up from time to time.

So hopefully, now you have a scorecard and can keep track of the players.

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