I started this blog a couple of years ago to air out my thoughts about what I did, where my profession was going, and who I am. When I first started writing, I was driving the Interstate highway from one small Southern town to another small Southern town to work at my dream job — a school librarian. Unfortunately, a big mouth and a bad economy conspired to put the quietus on that gig, so for a long while now I’ve been “between jobs.”  Truth be told, I’ve given up hope of being a librarian again . . . or doing anything else really.

Anyway, I’m still writing, but this site has morphed from “professional blog” to more of a “storytelling blog” or an “I think this about that blog.” I expound on many and various things and introduce y’all to some of the stars and supporting characters in mi vida loca. As for myself, I’m just a forty-something  almost fifty year old guy born in a pretty dead small Southern town. Now I live on the outskirts of another, rapidly growing Southern town.  I’m married to Budge. I was raised by Mama, God rest her sainted soul, with a good bit of help from Papa and Granny, Papa, and Granny. Daddy wasn’t around quite as much as I wish he’d been when I was growing up, but what time we were together, he didn’t waste. Daddy comes up right often as a subject or a backdrop to a blog post.

I live in a trailer in a trailer park. These days though the PC terms are “prefabricated home” and “mobile subdivision.” Still, it has brick underpinning and nice built-on covered porches and covered back deck, so it’s a far cry from “The Little Barn” of my childhood. My job (when I had one) and my family are my hobbies and they take up as much time as I can give them and one or the other usually gets shorted depending on what needs doing and who’s sick this week.

I don’t get out much any more. I like my home, my Budge, and my cats and I don’t care to go out amongst the madding crowds. I’ve found you can meet a lot of mildly to wildly interesting people here in cyberspace. So I hope you’ll take the time to pick through the posts and pages and if you like what you see, leave a comment and come back again sometime.

Hope you have a good time, but before you get started, make sure to wash your feet, y’all. 🙂

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog.. very enjoyable indeed. I also find we do.. though-be-it somewhat of a stretch.. have something in common. As a child I spent countless hours in my grandmother’s small ethnic grocery store; much of that time without shoes or socks. (Your pictured feet brings back fond, almost forgotten memories)

  2. Hi Shannon! I was thrilled to stumble upon your blog…when I saw those Grocery Store feet I knew just who was writing! Glad we’ve met…again.

  3. Hey! Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday “old man”! Enjoy reading your blog! Have a good one! We REALLY miss you!
    Edith Ann

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