Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes


"Don't be alarmed, I am a professional. The key to my release is beneath this pillow."

Oh yes! The-Reason-I-Get-Up-In-The-Morning and I went au cinema yesterday to see Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey, Jr. as Holmes and Jude Law as his erstwhile sidekick, Dr. Watson. I hate parting with $7 each to see a matinee, so when I do, I really desire a tremendous movie and Sherlock Holmes delivers on all accounts. I was so happy when I left the movies I could have jumped a ’59 Cadillac lengthwise.

GREAT MOVIE! Downey, Jr. was spot on as the slovenly, dissolute, but ultimately brilliant “consulting detective”, Sherlock Holmes while Law turns in a fabulous performance as his lovelorn and loyal roommate, Watson. The movie never drags and has a generous amount of twists and turns that keeps the audience guessing. Some proposed plot twists seem hamhandedly obvious at first blush, but five minutes later something else has occurred to make you wonder if your suppositions are quite as rock solid as you initially believed them to be. Also, not to be discounted amidst the luxurious cinematography is a wonderfully quirky and surprisingly catchy soundtrack of bagpipes and plucked violins.

Is it just me or is Robert Downey, Jr. just knocking roles out of the park lately? First he puts on a tour de force performance as the alcoholic genius businessman Tony Stark in Iron Man and now he follows up with an equally stirring performance as the cocaine addicted and codependent Holmes. Could it be that, with Downey’s admittedly sordid past, art finally imitates life to his advantage?

Go see Sherlock Holmes and take the kids. The movie has no nudity, no F-bombs, and, in fact, very little bad language at all. This is Victorian England, after all, and appearances must be properly kept up even when “the game’s afoot!”

Enjoy, y’all!

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