I’ve Launched A Second Blog!


Okay, one of my hobbies is worrying about stupid stuff. I have a knot in my gut every time I see one of those shows about “How the World Will End” on the History Channel. I just know the government is hiding the aliens from us (well, not really . . . although SOME of the politicians seem like they might BE aliens — I’m thinking Big Al). Really though, I genuinely worry and lose sleep about the stuff that a lot of people look at and say “hmm . . . interesting, gee I hope that doesn’t happen because it would really suck,” and then go on about their business in calm fashion.
Anyway, a second blog will give me something to write about that doesn’t really fit the scope and mission of this blog (wait a minute . . . you mean there’s a mission to this place). The reason WHY I worry about this stuff as well as some other offbeat ideas will be the subject of a proposed THIRD blog I’m contemplating.
So, if you have a minute, get your feet clean, and surf on over to insomniainducers.wordpress.com and check out the first post. I’ve got more coming.
Thanks everybody. Love y’all.

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  1. An official link over there would have helped immensely friend. Not a lot of time to read whilst we are in the middle of a move. Connectivity spotty right now too. You mean I HAVE to copy/paste? What’s a girl to do? C/P.

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