Perusing Past Posts: A meme


Okay, Mr. Johnson up Minnesota way has tagged me for a meme about former favorite posts. We have to choose one post from each of four categories, so, with no more ado or adieu . . . my favorites from my short blogging career.

1) Rants: This one is pretty easy. It’s my post titled Houston, We Have A Problem! It was one of the first posts I ever wrote that got good, and widespread, reviews. I talked about how librarians tend to take themselves entirely too seriously and as a result, we often get sidestepped by teachers not looking for additional stress. It was my first post to garner a lot of attention and I still get comments on it.

2) Revelations: I had to look back over all my stuff to see what would qualify as a revelation and I finally decided upon An Uncomfortable Truth in which I revealed to myself and some others that our profession isn’t as necessary to the  livelihood of a school as we like to think. I also mentioned our image problem with teachers and it seemed to resonate with a few of you.

3) Resources: This was the hardest one of the categories for me to decide on because I was much more a people person than a thing person so I didn’t have a lot of ideas about resources. I did, however write up a critique of Interactive Whiteboards in my post called Paint It White.

4) Reflection: Easy. Of Starfish. I have to admit that it’s hard for me to read this post lately. No job and no prospects. Still, I can look back and remember when I did some things right. This is the only post I’ve ever written to go over 1,000 views.

Now, Cathy-jo tagged Doug and Doug tagged me, so who the blazes can I tag?

Okay, let’s start with Ms. Alice over at Alice in Infoland, then my favorite Georgia Peach — the Unquiet Librarian, and finally, since I don’t know half the internet like CJ and Skunk do, how about another Ms. Alice — this time at Reflections on Teaching.

Now don’t be shy everyone 🙂

Oh yeah . . . make sure you wash your feet!

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