Chloe at 1 Month


Okay, I’ve gotten a few emails about Chloe’s condition and, since she just turned one month old, I thought I’d bring everyone who drops by up to speed on my newest niece.

She is still in NICU. Even though you can’t tell it by looking at her, she’s had a huge amount of trouble keeping any food on her stomach almost from birth. The doctors tried two types of meds that didn’t work and so, as somewhat of a last ditch effort, Chloe spent last Friday turning a month old and being operated on.

The hospital flew in a neonatal anesthesiologist specialist to handle putting her under and that relieve Mama to no end. I guess we were all worried that if she went under, she might not come back. This man is supposedly the best in the southeast, though and she came through the operation with flying colors. She now has a button in her bellybutton that attaches to a device underneath her stomach. If you are confused by that, please stand in line behind me and the rest of the family.

Apparently, this mechanism is designed to manipulate her stomach or close off her esophagus or something along those lines to stop the acid in her stomach from flowing back into her esophagus, burning her throat, and causing her to throw up. The tube-like device must be changed every 90 days.

That is what I know and to be honest, I don’t really have any idea what this “device” is because I’ve never heard of such. It doesn’t help that I get my information third hand and haven’t actually spoken to a doctor. If anyone reads this and knows something about this procedure, PLEASE leave a comment or email me. It would make Mama very happy!

Thanks for all your concern and keep those feet clean!

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