Southern Snow and French Toast


It doesn’t snow much in South Carolina. As a result, any MENTION of snow by one of the local meteorologists puts Palmetto natives into a straight out panic. It’s been that way ever since I can remember. Once as a student, my school was sent home by snow flurries at 9:00 AM and by noon, the sun was out and all the snow was gone!

The craziest symptom of southern snow fever, however, is the run on the dairy aisle at the Bi-Lo. I don’t know why, but people buy three items and pretty much only three items as soon as snow is forecast. They buy eggs. They buy milk. They buy bread. Why? You can’t make much of a sandwich out of those ingredients. Even fried egg sandwiches won’t go far.

So, all I can figure is everyone who is afraid of getting icebound in Carolina has one thing in mind — French Toast. We may be frozen solid; we may not get to leave the house for weeks, but if the power goes out, we’ll be able to make French Toast on the Kero-Sun kerosene heater. Why? I’ll never know, but it’s just one of the joys of being a Southern native.

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