We Live in a Mad World


I get really saddened when I read about lack of funding for schools and especially lack of funding for libraries.

We have money to send our children off to fight and die in foreign countries, but we don’t have the money to educate them in modern fashion. We’ve chosen between guns and butter to our detriment.

That’s not what saddens me most, though. What bothers me most of all is the emphasis schools place on grades and test scores. We expect our students to come to school ready to learn and be all attentive when, in fact, a whole lot of them don’t know where their next meal is coming from or where they will lay their heads tonight. I remember getting to school at 6:45 AM and sneak kids into the library against school policy because they had been running the streets all night. Some do it by choice and others by necessity but in any case, they aren’t ready to learn.

The problems children face today are beyond anything most of us older folks ever saw. All the baggage, all the issues that they carry to school with them in their lunch boxes and book bags take up too much space on their desks and in their minds to allow the knowledge and skills we are supposed to teach them to seep in. I submit as proof that the world has tilted from its axis this story from a Dallas suburb about a FOURTH GRADER who committed suicide by hanging himself in the school restroom.

What have we come to as a society when a nine year old child no longer can find a reason to go on living? We are worried about test scores in the face of this blasphemy? Yes, I said blasphemy because the suicide of such an innocent can be described accurately by no other word that I know.

If a story like that cannot move the politicians, what about the “diligent mother” in Georgia who insisted her son do better on his report card and reinforced the lesson by having him bludgeon his beloved pet hamster to death with a hammer. Some neighbors are claiming the boy made the whole thing up because he has “emotional problems.” Well, if he didn’t, you can bet your sweet bottom he does now. I have long maintained that it is ludicrous in the extreme that one must pass a battery of test just to earn the right to drive a car but any two fools with active gametes can conceive a baby.

I don’t have any easy answers. To be honest, I don’t even know if our broken educational system and our wrecked social system can BE fixed. We may find out that nothing short of a revolution will change what needs changing in our country. If that were to happen, let me ask you: would you be stood against the wall or would you be one holding the gun? It may be a far fetched idea, but I don’t think it’s any secret that something, somewhere, somehow is going to have to give. God only knows where it will be.

Until we take to the streets in bare feet, my lovelies, keep those tootsies clean and remember that GS Feet loves y’all and just wants everyone to “do right.”

Take care, y’all.

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