Movie Review: “The Box”


The Box Movie PosterThis is a VERY simple movie for me to review. If you were one of the students who adored Sartre’ and “got” Albert Camus’ book “The Stranger”, you’ll love “The Box”. If you understand “Waiting for Godot”, you’ll sop this movie up with a biscuit. It is an existential masterpiece.

I hated it.

Sure, Budge loved it. She’s even seen it twice. Of course, Budge also had a crisis of conscience when she was in AP English because she thought she was becoming an Existentialist, which, in the South, is the same as thinking you are becoming an Atheist.

Just in terms of “moviespeak” the acting was horrible. Cameron Diaz tries to affect a Southern accent and doesn’t get close, and nothing is worse to the ear of a good ol’ wild eyed Southern boy than a fake Southern accent.

The movie DOES have one redeeming quality . . . it showcases decor from the 1970s that I haven’t seen since I was a child. Remember avocado colored appliances anyone?

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  1. Man, you hit the nail on the head with this review. I felt the same way when I got done watching it. I hated it, and Cameron Diaz just doesn’t have the acting skills to pull off a believable Southern accent. I’m sorry but she got famous because of her looks. (Nothing wrong with that by the way.)

    Back when I was studying acting, my instructor made it clear you shouldn’t try to pull off an accent unless you’re comfortable in the role. It takes have of your concentration just to maintain the accent.

    Any, this movie wasn’t for me. 🙂

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