You Say It’s Your Birthday . . . ?


CakeWell, well, well . . . this little blog has turned a year old! Who’d ‘a thunk it? One year on a journey with all you out there in the blogosphere. Oh my, what a year it’s been as well. When I started Grocery Store Feet one year ago today, I was a librarian at a middle school and I naively thought I had something to say!

Well, I’m not a librarian anymore . . . or I guess I’m a librarian still, I’m just a librarian without a library (except of course my own rather extensive personal library) for now. I have hope, though. Most districts around here will record the mystical “ten day counts” tomorrow and that’s often been a source for new openings. I also have my eye on a job in a neighboring county that is VERY similar to the job I was just cut from . . . I’ve sent my resume — three times — so we’ll just see.

I would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to stop by and read. I’ve grown rather fond of several of you (I’m looking at you TeacherNinja and you too Buffy “Peaches” Hamilton 🙂 )

I also appreciate Doug and Cathy for reminding me to keep writing even when I don’t feel like it. I don’t know if this little blog would have lasted a year without you two. I also appreciate Scott McLeod who, even though he doesn’t drop by much, was invaluable giving advice and ideas on how to keep my quite ample bacon out of the fire. I just wish it’d have worked a little better, LOL.

Now if I got to mentioning people, I know I’ll miss somebody, so please don’t get hurt feelings. If you took time out of you busy day to read something I wrote, then I appreciate you more than you know! Especially in these past several depressing weeks.

So, love y’all bunches and don’t forget to wash your feet!

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  1. Happy Birthday, GSF!

    Keep on keeping on!

    It always makes me smile to see that you have a new post. Although the post itself is likely to make me think more often than just to make me smile. I look forward to your sharing your insight and point of view.

    Never give up. Never give in. Never give evil for evil.


  2. Congratulations! With this birthday, you move from infanthood to toddlerhood (hmmm….love to create words) and I hope you continue to write about your journey with the wit and intelligence you have shown in the past year.

    I wish you the best in your job search! Let me know what you hear about the job in my county.

  3. Grinning ear to ear! So glad I put that little reminder in my calendar a year ago. It was a nice surprise today to get the reminder. Hope that was a pleasant blog birthday surprise to have me mention it on your previous post! Looking forward to a reflective post NEXT YEAR!!

  4. HAPPY birthday!

    Feet, it is always a happy day any time you have a new post. I am proud to be your friend and fellow librarian! The world will not be right until you are back in your rightful habitat, the library—sending peachy vibes your way that your grocery store feet will find their way back into the library soon.

    Keep writing with the grit and passion that makes you such a gifted writer and individual.

    Buffy “Peaches” Hamilton

  5. Feet, I am always delighted to see a new entry from GSF.

    I suspect that writing for you, like it is for me, is therapeutic in some strange way. The world is lucky we have these outlets!

    Many happy returns,


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