She Works Hard for the Money!


I just got off the phone with Mike and Joy. They are two of my former and most favorite students from my days of teaching high school English. I had them for all of their four years, I was directly responsible for them starting to date, AND, as an ordained minister, I performed their wedding at their request. When I try hard to remember the good times and not be so hurt and sad about being ousted from education, I always think about Mike and Joy.

Anyway, their only child, little Lisa, started kindergarten today. Mike made Joy take her to school while he stayed in his shop and cried like a baby . . . just like he did on his wedding day ten years ago. He’s such a big softie and I love him and Joy and Mama T and little Lisa like they were my own family. So it was Lisa’s very first day of school ever and Mike told me he and Joy had already gotten a call from Lisa’s teacher at 3:00 this afternoon. While Mike is telling me the story of what Lisa had done, I can hear Joy in the background almost choking she’s laughing so hard trying to tell the same story to HER mama (Mama K) while Mike was talking to me.

Now, Mike runs his own unairconditioned (that fact is quite vital later) “hot rod” and auto body shop. Joy is usually a stay at home mama, but her daddy runs a scrap yard and Joy and her older sister work with him regularly. When they do, they take cars and everything else that comes in and break them down into parts and strip the paint off anything painted. Stuff like that. Well, Lisa goes with Joy and sits with Mama K while Joy works.

First day of school for little Lisa . . . remember? Okay, what is the one question every kindergarten teacher asks every child on the first day of school? That’s right: What do your mama and daddy do for a living? Well, when it comes little Lisa’s turn she answers, quite loudly because she’s not a bit shy, “My daddy sweats over hot bodies all day and my mama is a stripper at my grandpa’s place!”

They’ve got a meeting with the teacher tomorrow to “explain” everything 🙂

Nothing like children to put a proper spin on things!

Love y’all, and remember to be careful with your job titles around the wee ones!

Don’t forget to wash your feet, y’all 🙂

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