Happy Birthday, USA


Two hundred thirty three years ago tonight, it was hot and sticky in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Clouds of biting mosquitos would undoubtedly infect some of those gathered with Yellow Fever for which colonial Philly was famous. Crowds cheered and the Liberty Bell rang as America’s birth certificate was read to the masses. The greatest experiment in representative democracy since the Roman Republic had begun.

Two and a third centuries, five declared wars, a bloody Civil war, many other uses of the armed forces, several recessions, and one Great Depression later and we’re still here. Sure, we may not do everything right everytime, but if we’re such a bad place, why do so many people risk so much — up to and including their lives — to come to our country by any means, legal or illegal?

Truthfully, we need look no farther than the hysteria taking place in Iran. They have an election, the ruling party is theoretically ousted and they don’t leave. Instead, they recount the votes, claim victory, and SHOOT anyone who disagrees. Now, the difference between us and them is, granted, around fifty percent of the people in the country don’t want the person who is President to be President but we don’t SHOOT each other over it.

So, watch the fireworks and let’s hope that when all gets said and done, this recession ends and we keep Cadillacing along. After all, we can’t go under . . . the world needs America. Otherwise, who else would the rest of the world love to hate?

Keep your feet washed y’all and have a happy Fourth 🙂

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  1. As a Canadian I appreciate our neighbours to the south and your new president with an inspiring vision. Hopefully together we can contribute to a world order which is a little kinder with more justice for all.

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