Right now I’m extraordinarily happy and that’s a big deal for me. I just did my nightly check of the blog stats before bed and today “Grocery Store Feet” broke the 10,000 viewings mark. Crazy as that sound, ten thousand people (or maybe one person ten thousand times? MAMA!!) have clicked on a link to read what I’ve written. If nothing else shows me the power of what librarians call Web 2.0, this figure does. Ten thousand people read this. That’s more than the population of my home town by a factor of ten. That’s like every person at a good sized university reading my blog.

I know that pride goeth before a fall and I know I’ve just changed directions somewhat on what I’m concentrating on, but I can’t help hoping the traffic increases. Now, I don’t figure I’ll ever be a “Boing, Boing” or a “Lifehacker”, but I wouldn’t mind being a Southern version of a “Blue Skunk”! Maybe I should change the name to “The Blue Possum Blog”?

Wonder what Doug would think about that 🙂  ?

In any event, folks, I thank every one of you who has viewed and read what I’ve had to say and I hope y’all will stick around to see if I get better with time and practice. Until next time, love y’all and remember to scrub your necks and wash your feet.

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  1. Shannon,
    Congrats on hitting this milestone mark! Your dry sense of humor is right up my alley and having grown up in the same area, I find that I am often reminded of stories from my past when I read your thoughts.

    Your next job could well be having a newspaper or magazine column – you know, instead of the next Blue Skunk blog, you could be the next Lewis Grizzard?

  2. I’m at 10,600 but who is counting?? Actually I had to login to my dashboard and hunt for that stat. I had no idea where the info was located. Obviously I’m not a stat watcher. But you have great talent here my friend so its well deserved adulation. Blue Possum? Nahh, GSF seems to fit better. And I’m hoping to see a return to Books & Bytes along with it.

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