Shifting Target Meme


Okay, my mentor and bud Cathy-Jo tagged me for a meme about goals for 2009. Now, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do a little raging against the machine, so here are some of my educational goals for the upcoming year.

#1) Continue fighting “The Test”: I hate Scantrons, bubbles, and stupid acronyms that amount to euphemisms for “pure Hell in the Spring.” Librarians aren’t represented on tests, no matter what anyone tries to make up to the contrary, so we get constantly shafted. What gets tested gets taught and it gets paid for as well.

#2) Fighting the 800 pound gorilla at the Redmond, WA Zoo. I don’t much care for rich people. I like greedy rich people even less. According to legend, a report asked John D. Rockefeller late in the millionaire’s life how much money would it take to satisfy him, especially since he had about a gadzillion dollars. The old Standard Oil man thought a moment before replying, “One more dollar.” Now don’t get me wrong, I know Wild Willy from Redmond City didn’t STEAL any of his money or anything, but it brings to mind a Russian short story called “How Much Land?” In this case, how much money does a man need before he says, “Know what? Education is in bad shape in this country. I think I’ll quit setting up stupid programs that don’t work and give away chunks of my billions AND this godawful software to schools who need it.” How do we fight this fight? Two words: Open Source. OpenOffice 3.0 is sweet. Linux is getting more and more user friendly. Free is good.

#3) Push any book not concerned with VAMPIRES! My RHM Chris P asked me yesterday, “You know what the easiest question I get asked in this library is? ‘Do you have Twilight in?’ Answer: nope, try again tomorrow.” Seriously, put a bloodsucker on the cover and BOOM, bestseller! I am glad they are reading, but, geez, how many copies does a poor rural librarian need? Apparently, one more.

So, it’s not a great and glorious list, but I like it and think they are worthy goals. I don’t know who to tag so if you read this and haven’t been tagged, consider yourself tagged . . . and wash your feet!

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  1. I’ve been missing your entries! Are you on blog sabbatical? Come back, come back…Grocery Store Feet! Grocery Store Feet!

  2. Bravo! Great list. Do you know how much money schools would save if they’d ditch Microsoft Office, which most k12 users ony utilize 10% or less. Too bad the hardware purchases come with kickbacks tied to preloaded Microsoft Office. Sigh.

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