And so this is Christmas . . .


Well, I hope right now you are either enjoying or recovering from enjoying the celebration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth around 2008 to 2011 years ago. I shy away from religious discussions like the plague because, regardless of my reputation, that is one sensitive area I prefer not to insult or challenge people with. All I’ll say on the matter is regardless if you are atheist, agnostic, or true believer in something, one could do much worse than trying to build a life around the teachings of the humble carpenter from Galilee. My only wish is that more of the world believed his message of peace, if not his path of salvation.

It’s been a good holiday season here in the grocery store world 🙂 We got the library closed down and cleaned up in time to leave at a decent hour last Friday. Budge and I have been to three wonderful Christmas parties thrown by the various important people in our lives, and last night Mama had the annual Christmas Eve gathering at her house. It was a bit more poignant this year. When Mama started the tradition fifteen years ago, we would stuff nearly thirty-five people into the house. This year, however, we have dwindled down to ten. The rest we have sent on before us into whatever lies beyond.

In just a bit, we are on our way to Budge’s family dinner and then we’ll finish our Christmas obligations for this year at my daddy’s house for supper. Hopefully everyone will be in a good mood and the day will go smoothly, but experience has taught me that this is not guaranteed.

In any event, wherever you are, Merry Christmas from Budge and me. Thank you for reading this modest little blog for the last few months and I hope the new year brings with it all the joy and promise you could ever hope for.

And of course, since this IS Christmas, wash your feet, y’all.

Love to you all, peace on Earth 🙂

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  1. Shannon, You never cease to amaze me with your wit, wisdom, and insight. We have adopted BB&GSF as part of our family dinner discussions. Best wishes for the New Year. Keep the BB&GSF rolling!

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