Howdy, I’m a Parasite!


chd_tick_engorgedFor most of my life, I’ve believed myself to be a person.  Apparently, I was wrong.

I’ve recently become privy to the fact that I am, instead of human, a parasite. Specifically, I am a life-draining, blood-sucking, economy wrecking, nation dooming species of parasite. Apparently, I became a parasite a few years ago when I started drawing Social Security Disability checks. According to various authorities on arthropodology, among them Conservative talk radio hosts (Rash Limburger springs to mind), some more strident members of the faction of the GOP ironically called the TEA Party, and certain friends and family members who are unaware of my source of income, I am a parasite and if me and my kind could be eradicated from the face of the Earth, this planet (or at least the portion occupied by the United States) would be a much healthier, safer, economically sounder, and altogether more wholesome place where the “American Dream” could flourish as Providence, the Founding Fathers, and John Boehner intended it to be.

To make my personal lowly state even worse, I know now that I’ve been in various stages of parasitism for years. In my larval stage, I was one of the hideous brood known as the “unemployed.” As such, I partook of life giving substances like SC Unemployment Insurance. I was even crass enough to draw unemployment for longer than the 26 weeks this tremendously progressive state allows people out of work to find another job. Yes, gentle readers, when my SCUI ran out, I latched on — leech that I am — to the Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation. I was lucky on that account. The exterminators up on Capital Hill have done yeoman’s work eradicating the parasites still clinging to EUC; I managed to metamorphize into my current form as a “disabled worker” before EUC dried up.

I hate it for all the now-hungry critters who were living so high on the hog on those massive $276 per week EUC payments. Lord knows I sure liked my payments so much more than I liked going to the job of my dreams every day as a school librarian (this is back when I was human, of course) and earning ten times that amount per month. It was nice to pare down and simplify life. People were really helpful too when they’d look away quickly before telling you they weren’t hiring. I REALLY enjoyed going on interviews 90 minutes from home just to be told the position was already filled. That was the highlight of my day!

I hope my fellow larval parasites manage to find a McJob before their nests get foreclosed on. If they are lucky, maybe they can take the advice on the old McDonald’s employee website and get TWO McJobs. Then they might actually be able to afford to choose whether or not to buy gas, food, or medicine. Who knows? With that kind of newly disposable income floating around, the country should be back on track in no time! Then maybe it wouldn’t be so hard to pay the soldier parasites their full pensions for fighting our wars for us.

As for me, I love my life as a parasite. Nothing’s grander than staring out the window at a sunshiny day and only seeing rain. Yeah, I’m THAT kind of “disabled.” I’ve got one of those “conditions” no one can see so it probably doesn’t exist. After all, who’s ever heard of Borderline Personality Disorder or Severe Dysthymic Disorder or even the elusive Generalized Anxiety Disorder? Can’t see it; must not be real. Shoot, that’s a terrific argument. Atheists have been using it for YEARS!

Oh and the things people say to us parasites — trying to be helpful, of course. Things like, “with all that free time you have, you should do X, Y, or Z!” Sure thing! I’ll get right on that as soon as the anti-anxiety meds kick in so I can go out in public alone for about an hour. Have to make sure to take extra or get home before they wear off. People tend to get really uncomfortable when they see grown male parasites with tears streaming down their faces for no apparent reason trying to find a short checkout line so they can get through and hurry back to the nest.

So, to all you hardworking humans out there, this parasite would like to apologize. I’m sorry for slurping up your tax money, ruining the future of the country, and generally just dashing all your dreams. I promise I’ll try hard not to flaunt my overly extravagant lifestyle in your faces as I drive by in my old truck on the way home to my singlewide trailer-nest. Who knows? Maybe some day I’ll even work up the courage to step in front of a bus or something and there’ll be one less blood-sucking mouth for everyone and Congress to worry about.Freshly pressed

For the rest of y’all, I really do love y’all. You keep me going. So keep those feet clean and watch were you step, we parasites are everywhere.

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  3. very well work done…keep going…i liked it…its nice…as am a new blogger in this world and i wrote just 1 blog (story) ( and unable to find my viewer as like you, can u please help me by reading my 1st blog what wrong with my writing…is really something wrong with my writing or am just expecting too early…your helpful comments will really inspire me… and please follow me…

  4. You made my day, no really! I’m also a parasite……living the high life with 12$ to last me 11 days. I think I will visit the 99 cent store for a few of those days. Oh but woops you can’t see my brain anuerysm either, oh here it is, called no memory! I’ll probably forget all about the 99 cent store this coming week. thanx for making me laugh , a hearty laugh!

    • unfreeperson…
      Or the Mental Health Care worker helps a patient make it through the program which saves their life by helping them learn how to manage depression and the patient does so well, they end up going to school and becoming a counselor for kids who are grieving, like my friend did.
      There are a lot of problems with the field of Mental Health, and with pharmaceuticals as you suggest, but we can’t place it all in one category. Most “social workers” don’t get paid the big money. Private practice and certain doctors do. Anyway, I hope one day you feel free! Peace.

  5. I do believe in the American dream, but not when it on the back of another hard working person. I believe all that are able to work should work, and those who are unable to, shouldn’t cost tax payer any more than what is costing .

    • Patriarchalmurray:

      You might be interested in the February 9, 2014 CBSNews 60 minutes report with Anderson Cooper where tax payers can save money by providing housing for the homeless. Just google CBS News and find the headline about the 100,000 Homes Campaign. There is a marvelous spokeswoman and leader, Becky Kanis who “began working for the 100,000 homes campaign after a career in the military. She’s a Westpoint graduate and former Army officer who worked with Special Operations Command.” (the quote is from Anderson’s interview). As there will be some instances where the program will disappoint you, the facts will show you the economic advantage to all Americans if we adopt an attitude of dignity for all instead of punishment for all. We hurt all of us by neglecting those in need. People deserve time and chances to develop all through out life. What we all “contribute” is often unrecognized, unappreciated, or misunderstood. Peace.

  6. Dear Parasite You are not alone I am less than a year to early retirement and about to loose my job because you see even though I have been at the job for 7 years and taken on the work of 3 people (some i did refuse) I too am a lowly parasite who does nothing You see my severely emotionally and mentally handicapped employer (I secretly refer to as JB-meaning a likeness to the famous John B) thinks that I am a parasite too Save yourself the trouble of becoming employed unless of course you are 20 something in that case you may still have some blood worth sucking 98% save yourself Personally dancing on a street corner for quarters seems much more rewarding A fellow parasite Elah

  7. Reblogged this on Grumpa Joe's Place and commented:
    I read this blog piece with some suspicion, but changed my mind after reading more about the blogger and reading more of his work. This piece got me in the heart. It is a truly honest depiction of what the unemployed are going through, all of them. It also sheds light on the importance of aid programs on these lives. We must be careful to differentiate between welfare and temporary aid given to people who would rather work but cannot find it.

  8. I see true parasites everywhere I go. You know, the ones that vote for a living. Unfortunately I am one of the many hosts to these parasites. With out me they either die or become hosts themselves, responsible working members of society.

  9. Stay strong, your life will get better. Just see the good over the bad everyday, and remain positive. Your essay sheds a human light on the problem of deep unemployment. Thank you for sharing your parasitic self.

  10. My mom was a nurse for 30 years. She worked from the time she was in high school, through college, and all the way up until her illnesses wouldn’t let her work anymore. I HATE that people make her feel like a parasite for being on disability, and I appreciate your take on it. Dig your teeth in and hang on!

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  12. Sadly, a disability is not a permanent vacation. It is a full time job making disabled look easy. Where there is abundance, there is conflict. Where there is conflict, this is an inability to love. Here, in the Healing Garden, we are grateful for the challenges that reduce our rancor, and open our doors into life. Naturally, there are a lot of persons still waiting in line to begin living. We are grateful to hear you have begun. This is healing in itself. – The Healing Garden gardener

  13. As some who has been on welfare in a time of need I can understand what that is like…however I was never on disability so I cannot even pretend to know what it feels like for you…I’m sorry that people suck and refuse to understand the differences between legitimate need and laziness…and for as sarcastic and amusing as this was it really made me realize what a frustrating position so many people on welfare are in. Thank you for posting this in such an accessible style.

  14. As the rollercoaster ride got faster, some of our designed and fabricated lives were shattered but, I would never say that you or anyone else who needs assistance for that matter are a parasite, Human is the word my friend. A human being who exists in a ball of confusion with the rest of the world!

  15. Thank YOU!
    i , personally, can sincerely relate to every word of what i read.

    it is a horrible thing for me that the only part of my disability that i am ashamed of (borderline personality disorder is one) is where my income comes from.

    once people become aware of my income source, their opinion of me changes…sad, so sad.

  16. Reblogged this on Niki.V.all.ways.My.way. and commented:
    lol … I was more thinking a prisoner held hostage, I guess now I can see how they think that about prisoners in Arizona. parasites is how they describe humans too … well mostly just the brown ones, they are picky in Arizona, I stay away from there.

  17. Reblogged this on Niki.V.all.ways.My.way. and commented:
    lol … I was more thinking a prisoner held hostage, I guess now I can see how they think that about prisoners in Arizona. parasites is how they describe humans too … well mostly just the brown ones, they are picky in Arizona, I stay away from there. evil people really, I think. sometimes you just don’t even need to experience it … again.

  18. Thank you for sharing this. I’m in a similar position with multiple mostly invisible physical disabilities plus being an Asperger. I commend you on your writing ability! I’ve several times attempted a similar piece but it never came out as sardonically biting and effective as this.
    As unsolicited advice is generally detestable I apologize in advance but just in case it could be useful I feel I should mention both SAMe and mindfulness practice as I have found both to be very useful in coping with neurochemical imbalance. Not sure if the SAMe goes with pharmaceutical stuff or not but works well with st John’s wort so perhaps would go with some?
    Either way keep writing your skill is needed else the self absorbed heart deficient lot may succeed in taking over even more!
    I tried to add this when I reblogged this but WordPress app “upgraded” itself into complete uselessness. I do wish people realized how nasty they are being and their unkind attitudes hurt real people who have done nothing wrong.

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  20. I reckon all humans are parasites. Generally. Earth sucking, resource destroying, greedy, narcissistic parasites, driven by unconscious drivers that they’re too scared to face up to. Parasites! But re your post, I’ve never understood that line of thought. Surely people (the accusers) realise that by spending your disability cheques, you’re contributing? Cause that’s how the economy works? And surely the real parasites are the ones who’ve too much than they know what to do with, but still only want more?

    Good luck, generally. It’s a tough slog out there, especially when you’re naturally hyper sensitive to your environments.

    A quiet cheer for the invisible illnesses. *whispers* huzzah. *end whispers*

  21. I don’t feel sorry for you. You’ll get nowhere in life real fast with that “I’m a always a victim” attitude. Pick yourself up, have some self respect and pull your head out of the sand. God bless.

    • I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was asking you to feel sorry for me. I’m so glad to learn that the answer to all my problems is just to ” keep a stiff upper lip” and ” pull myself up by my bootstraps” then everything will be just dandy! Thank you for setting me on the right path. I think I’ll go flush all my meds right now since all I needed all along was a good old fashioned attitude adjustment! You, sir, should be a counselor! Oh, and the ” God bless” tacked on the end is such an inspiration! I can feel the warmth of your genuine Christian charity coming right through the internet. If you aren’t a pastor or a deacon, good sir, your local church is missing out on a hidden gem! Again, thank you for your uplifting platitudes!

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  23. Point taken, Granny. Painful words get tossed around like snowballs nowadays. People go all out to make a point and don’t always think about what their harsh comments will do to the hearts of those listening. Advising you to not “take it too personally” leaves a bad taste in my typing-mouth, but unfortunately that’s the best I’ve got. The people who call you a parasite don’t know you at all, but God knows you well, and He loves you dearly.

  24. I have friends on SSI and without they would be on the streets or worse. I honestly believe that without SSI or the like; we would be a country in worse shape than we already face currently. On another note; I’ve heard Liberals say the same thing and as much as conservatives. In my experience political ties has nothing to do with the way people think. They already thought that way and fell into what -ever political crowd they chose.

  25. Even having worked in a community where more people were on disability of some kind than not, mostly due to mental health AND physical health issues, I cannot be of the mind set that it is wrong to support people in this way. I struggle with this issue. I have seen so much generational dependency on government money. A lot of that came with a sense of entitlement. However, I have also seen the other side of things where individuals wouldn’t survive with out it. Kids would most definitely go hungry because either their parents cannot work or they just won’t. Either way the kids usually ended up with dinner when a parent was receiving disability social security. That has to be provided to people that cannot obtain income otherwise or people and their family’s will not survive.

    I commend you for sharing your story. You’re right about being ill and unfairly represented.

  26. This is witty and well written an I hope the grey skies start to shade blue soon. Mental health is a real issue in the US and many of the people getting the most help…well they could also help themselves so the odds are spread a lil more even and to people like ur self who aren’t necessarily trying to “live it up” but merely survive. Good luck to you

  27. As long as there’s enough “non-parasites” to pay for you not working and living off society, all will be OK. Used to be families and churches that did this job but for the time being our society is rich enough to do it. Won’t last forever. Don’t blame the “conservatives” for your plight. If you must blame someone, look inwardly.

    • Hi, Cal, and thanks for stopping by. I didn’t realize I was blaming anyone mainly because what I have is “life,” not a “plight.” Used to be we had things like families . . . nowadays? Not so much. Most children I know are products of a “modern arrangement” to use one of my more detested PC terms. I’m intrigued though at just what I’m supposed to find when I look inwardly. Am I going to find MORE evidence that mental health issues have a strong inherited streak? Am I going to find the missing buckets of seratonin that somehow got left out of my brain? Truthfully, I’m curious to hear what would bring you to the conclusion I HAVEN’T looked inward. Why do you think I have no less than three detailed suicide plans? My closing comment about stepping in front of a bus is only one. I apologize for living off “society,” Cal. I’m sure my being dead would solve my problems and society’s problems with me, but — depression, self-hatred, and all — it’s somewhat more difficult to kill oneself than you might believe. I lost one leg of my triple support system when my mother died almost a year ago, all it would take is something to happen to my wife or my friend to give me the “oomph” to take the step off the sidewalk or bridge or perhaps pull the trigger. Who knows? You can only hope though.

    • Cal, I am failing to see any blame being dished out by anyone other than you. To me G.S Feet was describing life, as it applies to him.

      Who are the “non-parasites” you refer to? The people who have so much money that it is not worth their effort to stop and pick up a $100 bill? The people who are actively working as hard as they can to make life miserable for someone they will never see? Have a look in the mirror, the anger and pain emanating from that view – how much life is that person sucking out of the world?

      Before you step up the plate and say “I am not a parasite”, have a really good talk with that person in the mirror. When that person has stopped spewing anger and pain to the world, then you can think about changing your erroneous lable

  28. This is such a small amount when you view it really. We spend billions on people who hate our guts. We have made ourselves look like fools giving to countries who abuse us while our own are needy.

  29. I was once a parasite, I was unemployed at different stages, I joined the army and became a “hero” (rather depending on who’s side you asked, of course) I left and was unemployed for a short while thus becoming a parasite, I went into further education and was described as “Forward thinking” I got a better job, had an industrial accident and then became….a f****ng parasite again. I seem to go from one extreme to the other, whereas politicians are just parasites…period!

  30. Well written and sad account if what this world chooses to inflict on those who are not born of money and power . This world has much beauty, but sadly it’s the darkness if so many minds and souls that truly reflects your experience as common perception of those who never once had a need for a need. Hang in there!

  31. My daughter was on disability for awhile. She picked up her checks at P.O. Box because she lived on the streets. You see, the mentally ill are not important enough to keep important government programs in place to keep individuals like my daughter safe. We no longer have to worry about her disability checks my friends. No, she isn’t dead like many of her counterparts, but after 3 years of picking her up from the streets, shelters and hospitals, she is safely in jail. 😦

  32. Since graduating from university in 2011 I’ve spent a bit of time as an unpaid intern, some time a temp worker . . . and plenty of time as a frustrated unemployed ‘parasite’, so I know exactly where you are you coming from. Nothing has hurt my self esteem more than having to ask for benefits, especially when this is never a position I wanted to be in, or imagined I would ever be in.

    I think bruised pride is enough to kick yourself esteem in the gutter without society passing judgment, and if you suffer from anxiety or depression (as I did) then the stress of being unemployed really exacerbates these conditions – which can end up as a wicked catch-22. I think people should consider more carefully how they would feel if they ever ended up in that position themselves, but unfortunately I don’t see a great deal of that sort of humility around – which is particularly surprising considering the sweeping destruction the recession has caused (ie. a force bigger than the individual, even one who is trying their absolute hardest to get a job).

    There has been a vehement debate about the poor/employed/’benefit scroungers’ here in the UK recently, and I have heard a lot of forceful judgments about these ‘parasites’ that I consider terribly unfair. I believe that everyone has potential, but unfortunately not everyone is in the position to be able to fulfil it – either temporarily or long term, perhaps because of health or the economy etc. Those who need help should be given it freely, and are entitled to it without judgment. No other group in society could be so frequently described as ‘parasites’ without causing uproar, but apparently it’s ok to brand those on benefits as such, and the discrimination continues.

    Sorry to reply at such great length, this subject makes me angry! Anyway, I hope things get better for you – you are a human being, not a parasite, and you have great potential 🙂

  33. Reblogged this on immerseindifferences and commented:
    Differences make us a better place. I wish society could see that. I applaud this blogger for his courage to speak out against hatred and unfairness for those that have illnesses: whether they are physical or mental. And I hope everyone that reads this will learn from his message.

  34. I really wish this world was more friendly towards those who have mental illnesses. Anxiety issues are real and they can really wreak havoc on the person suffering from the side effects. I am glad that you wrote this post. Maybe it will help others to know they are not alone. I wish that government officials and people in General would start to see each other as individuals instead of a dollar sign. It’s just disgusting. And honestly, every single person could be labeled a “parasite.” We all need each other. Every system is dependent upon another system to work the way it is intended. I hope you will never step in front of a bus or end your life, because it is a life. It’s important. I hope you will be encouraged by those who can see you for what you really are: a human being. I hope things get better for you.

  35. Beautifully written! For me, the people who abuse the system (use it unnecessarily) are the ones ruining everything for the people who need it and benefit from it (like you and Aurora). Maybe if we could root out the abusers, people like you would be able to get what they REALLY need.

    I’m so sorry for your situation. I have family members who suffer with similar disabilities. Recently a cousin of mine was found dead in his apartment with no clear cause. Probably trying to self-medicate the pain of his life away. Tragic. His brother took a shotgun to his own chest 4 years ago. Wish SO much they had lived closer to family so that we could have helped them both through the crises. I share this to say there are no easy answers – even the Government can’t get it right and families are struggling to help, but often are not allowed or don’t know what to do.

    I wish so badly to have the answers, but unfortunately, I’m obviously not intelligent enough for that. I hope peace and good will come your way. Definitely keep writing! You have a great gift for expressing yourself. Hopefully you are opening eyes and being the change you want to see in the world (to borrow and old and over-used maxim). God bless!

    • To Judah First- First, I’m sorry for your tragic loss. But to the point of the story:
      There aren’t a whole bunch of people abusing the system. That’s a falsehood perpetuated by conservatives and not unlike a backhanded compliment, you are blaming people (who in fact do not take up the most money in our society) for a “few bad apples”. There are not a bunch of freeloaders. We just don’t give enough benefits for proper healthcare. Big money interests such as insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and corporate money have capitalized on healthcare as a business. It’s an industry. Of course people with real healthcare needs, need money which as business knows doesn’t “make” money for the company. It’s better business sense to give healthy people insurance they don’t need. That way the company makes the money. It’s business not healthcare. Dehumanizing business. The real people ruining the system are the greedy politicians and lobbyists and business interests. I have been a Care Provider for the elderly as well as for the disabled. If you want to know what to do, vote for health care for everyone. Don’t vote to cut funding for children, seniors, disabled, single mothers, or poor people. Stop blaming the wrong abusers.

      • Well, considering I’m actually related (by marriage) to a freeloader, and know a few others who have abused the system, I didn’t say that I want any funding voted out. Also, we did our part to help my relative stop freeloading (let her live with us and offered to fund her completion of a college degree – all this after she got out of jail and no one else in the family would let her live with them – even her mother), but that didn’t change her. Sorry to disagree with you, but there are people out there using my tax money to fund their crack cocaine addiction, and that pisses me off. I never implied you were one of those people and I don’t appreciate your tone in the response to my comment. Makes me wonder if you need to chip away at your own chip.

      • Actually i have known a lot of people on disability and 80% of them would openly tell me or anyone else that they were not really disabled. Which is crazy because now my father who worked 36 years at one job can no longer work because he has seizures and they denied his disability. Our government has no clue what they are doing

      • Hey there mommyx4boys… Sorry about your Dad. The disabled man I was a care provider for for eight years kept reapplying. It is the people who keep reapplying that they finally help. Do not give up. Be a squeaky wheel and stay proactive.
        As for the 80 percent of people you know who are admitting to using but not needing the system, maybe you should wonder who you’re hanging out with. Your statistics do not reflect the larger system as a whole.

      • Well i don’t hang out with any of them i just know them but that was hardly the point. The point was a lot of people don’t really need it. And of course statistics don’t show it because if people admitted it to the government they would lose it.

      • You just don’t know many people then…
        And you are wrong, mommyx4boys. But there is still time for your learning curve. I will not argue with your lack of understanding or compassion further, as everyone deserves better healthcare. Peace.

      • But mommyx4boys…that’s how you are misleading the conversation with those personal facts. What does your 80 percent matter? The post is about people who need the help and about the ridiculous lack of help they are getting in part because of prejudices that society has about them and your 80 percent story points to a minor personal problem not a truly representational one as you’ve now admitted…And NOT a solution. So what’s your point?

      • That some people are abusing disability and because of them the government is making it much harder and a lot of people that really need it can not get it at least not for a long time if ever

      • Ok. I don’t actually think of people on disability as “freeloaders” just to be clear. And I do not discount your service or compassion. My tone does in fact carry the sword against any intolerance or injustice I encounter and I can understand why you’d be unhappy. I will try to be more polite, as you deserve that respect. Drugs are devastating indeed and the toll extends to the whole community. That’s why Rehab programs are so important to be funded by tax dollars so we don’t criminalize the person with the disease. It’s surely complicated, but my compassion extends to the whole human race, not just the “favorite” healthy ones. Drug addicts are sick. And as you know, people with depression often self-medicate even on pharmaceuticals. It doesn’t even have to be Crack. This is not an excuse, but it’s part of the condition. It’s unfortunate that such instances do create the systemic abuses that created the “chip” on your shoulder. But you are still blaming people not capable of taking true responsibility for their chemical dependency. The ones who need more help and love, not less. You have the right to your anger about it, but it won’t serve you or the addict. Peace.

      • mommyx4boys, I agree with you that the government (which is we the people) is seriously divided and that we are all making it very difficult in one way or another. People who are abusing the “system” will always exist and we will be faced with how to solve these ongoing problems. While it is in difficulty and trouble, we still need to provide basic humane services, which I believe we can both agree on. That this is not happening for the citizens is disturbing to us all. That people have to reapply again and again or have to wait because of disorganization is a crime. Getting denied health care or disability when you need it is not right. I didn’t mean to infer these things at all. I want a better working government that represents our real needs as a people too. I’m going to keep looking for ways how. Peace.

    • Yeah, because you totally EARNED your right to live, shopping for and eating food you didn’t grow or slaughter yourself. And what about that electricity in the house you didn’t build that you don’t know how to generate? Oh yeah, because somehow those otherwise essential life skills can be “made up for” by little wads of paper or bits of plastic that you can give someone to do these things FOR you.

      I didn’t know people could be have their heads stuck up their own ass while riding on a high horse. Neat trick.

      • You might be interested in the February 9, 2014 CBSNews 60 minutes report with Anderson Cooper where tax payers can save money by providing housing for the homeless. Just google CBS News and find the headline about the 100,000 Homes Campaign. There is a marvelous spokeswoman and leader, Becky Kanis who “began working for the 100,000 homes campaign after a career in the military. She’s a Westpoint graduate and former Army officer who worked with Special Operations Command.” (the quote is from Anderson’s interview). As there will be some instances where the program will disappoint you, the facts will show you the economic advantage to all Americans if we adopt an attitude of dignity for all instead of punishment for all. We hurt all of us by neglecting those in need. People deserve time and chances to develop all through out life. What we all “contribute” is often unrecognized, unappreciated, or misunderstood. I hope this information can help you understand someone with my view point, without battling. Peace.

  36. Mr. Wham,

    I want you to know that this post, among many others you’ve written, has amused, moved, and enlightened me. The value of any human being is not measured in his contributions to the gross national product, but the positive impact he has had on other human beings. You are, by virtue of your writing alone, by no means parasitic.

    I hope you submit this post to the Wall Street Journal or other national publications read by those whose measure of human worth can be given a dollar value.

    Keep writing!


  37. I honestly have no idea why everyday people and government officials believe the disabled are living so high on the hog. Personally my husband and I (both disabled) don’t even make enough on disability to afford even a cheap one bedroom apartment for ourselves and our son to live in, let alone the two bedroom place we should have. Presently we are staying in a sleeping room, in an apartment with roommates, and making our bills is even bleeding us dry here.

    I would love to be able to have a job I could handle. I also have an anxiety disorder that makes it difficult for me to leave the house alone. I am sure my husband didn’t plan on losing his teaching job when he went deaf, and the school district chose to get rid of him instead of offering to “re-train” him.

    People don’t realize that they are one misfortunate illness or accident away from being in our shoes. Disability is not a character flaw. Our government and a lot of our citizens have quite sadly lost their sense of basic human compassion. It’s all about greed these days now more than ever. The poor and disabled are just easy scapegoats, and even easier to take everything away from, because in the realm of society and politics, we sadly don’t have much representation. None of us are wealthy enough to buy our way in the way all the rest have done.

    That being said, to hell with what people think. We know who we are, and what we are not. Most of us are just trying to do the best we can with the small scraps Social Security throws at us to live on, keep our families together and our heads above water.

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