Anyone Get the Number of that Truck?


Holy Sara Palin on a skateboard, Batman, it’s 2009 and the second semester is already here! Somebody please tell me how in the world that happened when I hadn’t gotten a quarter of what I needed to do for the FIRST semester done.

Okay, I need some reassurance here that I’m not the only person who feels like an old dog used to lying in the sunshine on a country road who is suddenly wrapped around the axles of a flying Ferrari from far away nowhere. See, I have all these ideas . . . really I do. I came back to school this year FIRED UP! I was going to do this and I was going to do that and brothers and sisters, I had a PLAN.

Yep, that lasted about fifteen minutes. Then stuff started tearing up, computers started crashing, SMARTboards needed setting, MAP needed administrating, and here come all my pretty ones in a row ready to check out books. By the time I had time to pick my head up, it was Halloween so I took a quick breath and dove back in again fixing this and helping out with that and in no time at all, Joseph’s your uncle and Mary’s your aunt, it was Thanksgiving.

Then the textbook audit hit me blindside like a cut rate doll prop in a sadistic Whac-A-Mole game from Hell. Between trying to figure out how in blazes the State Department came up with the numbers they did, keeping my building full of Triassic Age computers running and checking out books for all my lovely ones, it was Christmas. Of course, my AP and I did manage to find the flaw in the audit. I think the auditor got her numbers with some unholy combination of goat blood and chicken bones.

Still, FIRST SEMESTER IS OVER!! I didn’t get what I wanted to do done at all. Jeez ma-ninny, y’all, I just TODAY found a home for the last of the “material” that came with the consolidation of our sixth grade center with my middle school. I’m still getting five or six books a day that aren’t in the catalog and have to be entered with zMARC. I just need one of those “Time Turner” things Hermione had in Prisoner of Azkaban so I can go back to August and do what I wanted to do this year.

Of course, that’s not going to happen, so I’ll just have to do like a losing football team at halftime and regroup, readjust and try to make the best of the second half. Still, it’s unnerving to hear everyone already making plans for “what we need to do NEXT year.”

So tell me, am I out here alone or is the world just flying by a WHOLE lot faster than it used to? I mean, wow, I remember when Christmas took at least a decade to get here and summer lasted slightly longer than the Laurentide Ice Sheet from the last great ice age. Now, well, like a sign I saw online today said “only 358 shopping days ’til Christmas!” I may seem crazy, but that’ll be next week the way things seem to be going.

I guess that’s just about enough time for us to wash our feet, y’all!

In any event, I hope all your New Years’ resolutions last past Valentine’s Day and that 2009 brings . . . well, brings y’all something good. 🙂

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  1. I am determined NOT to be one of those people who start talking about next year, when THIS school year is barely 6 months old. In my books, I still have 5.5 months to make my impact. I agree that Hermione’s time turner thing would be a GREAT tool to have, but since that’s not gonna happen in my lifetime… I’m just going to keep plugging away. HOWEVER… for the record – you are NOT alone!

  2. Ditto! It seems I always spend the summer making great plans for the “next year” and somehow I never seem to get anything done before the year is already over. You get back to school and reality hits – you’re pulled in 50 different directions. Its a constant state of monitor and adjusting. Here’s hoping that the rest of our school year is fun, fruitful, and fulfilling!

  3. It’s not just you—I believe it is truly some law of physics that the degree in which time passes is directly related to the increase in one’s age! Like you, so many things I have wanted to do this school year that just haven’t happened yet, but they are still on my inspiration board to do….hopefully, sooner than later.

    Hang on tight because the second semester always seems to fly by even more quickly than the first one!

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